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Three Earth Ages
The Three Earth Ages by Pastor Murray , The Shepherd's Chapel Booklet Yahveh's Scriptural Plan
The scriptures tells us of three worlds ages: the world that was, being the spiritual pre-flesh world; the world that is now, or as we know it to today: and the world to come, or the third world of eternity.
The World That Was: The world age that was (the first world age) means in (the spiritual world we were with God). We have been given two facts concerning the world that was. In Ezekiel 28, Satan rebelled against God, drawing one third of God's children to follow him and they stood against God in a battle. Satan's pride was his down fall, he stopped loving God and he wanted to be God himself.
Roman 11, In the first earth age, there was a remnant that stood with God against Satan in the first earth age. In the last days there will be 7,000 (from all tribes of Israel and all races) out of that remnant that the Father chose as His very elect to stand against Satan again in the last days. Satan will be cast out of heaven and will deceive the whole world, if possible the very elect.
Then, of course, the rest of God's children that remained, what of them? The elect stood loyally with God but some took the path of least resistance, doing nothing, not wanting to get involved in controversy.
Satan shall not be forgiven, but his rebellion posed two choices that God might use for correction. God needs to know if they would love Him or Satan. God could of destroyed all those who stood with Satan or He could regain their love and forgive them and give His children free will, this is why we are in this earth age.
God would not accept the first choice as He is a loving and merciful God, and these were His children,  created by Him. Being an all powerful God, He could not forced their love, but He needs to know if you love Him. Love must come from the heart, given as a free will gift, to have value. Forced love is worthless. The world that is now, as we know it, is His plan for salvation.
The father chose His very elect before the foundations of this world. It is our thought that the elect are those who took a firm stand against Satan in the world that was and perhaps even volunteered for services in this world. The elect are referred to as the first fruits.
Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Notice a period follows this sentence, indicating a statement. This was an accomplished fact. God created the world. This is the world that was, in which the people or souls were in the spirit bodies as opposed to the flesh bodies. It was this world that Satan's rebellion took place.
Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form and void: and darkness was upon the deep.
The word "was" in the Hebrew is "tohu va bohu", which means and should have been so translated ''became". The only possible deduction from this is that God destroyed the world that was.
The Three Earth Ages by Pastor Murray , The Shepherd's Chapel Booklet Yahveh's Scriptural Plan
The World That Is Now: Second world age is now. Genesis 1:2 And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water. This then concerns a new or renewed world.
Refer to Genesis 1:26-28 These verses tell us God created man and woman, as we know them in the flesh body, whom He told to multiply and replenish the earth  "a reference to the renewed world or this world that is now. Refer to 2 Peter 3:5-13 which speaks of the "world that perished".
Therefore, God created this world that is now, placing all the souls into flesh bodies, with the exception of Satan. They were and are totally in ignorance of Satan's battle and their own loyalties at that time, so that they might have the opportunity to develop their loyalties anew; in other words, to exercise their free will. Without the hindrance of pre-knowledge, their choice to worship God or their choice to worship Satan would be completely unhampered, given in love and free will.
Satan, the spendid, shining soul, remained in the spirit form with limited yet obvious supernatural powers and was allowed to roam the earth. The reason for this was that Satan was to be used as a tool of deception. Satan's main purpose in this world is to tempt us all away from God, our Living Father and Creator. The Father purposed this, as He wants us to love and worship Him of  our own free will. Satan is the catalyst. It is our choice whether we follow God or follow Satan. And this is the reason for this world that is now, as we know it today.
The Three Earth Ages by Pastor Murray , The Shepherd's Chapel Booklet Yahveh's Scriptural Plan
The World To Come: Revelation chapters 20, 21 and 22, the third earth age to come. Let it suffice to say that the thousand year period of teaching, the millennium, will be established by Christ upon His return on that "great and dreadful day", which is last day of this age. This marks a new beginning toward spiritual perfection when all shall bow the knee to Christ, as all shall be taught the full truth, when Satan shall be bound in the pit and without influence until he is loosed for the final short season when each one, having been taught the full truth, chooses of his own free will.
The third world age represent eternal life, or the world that is to come. The millennial age will be ended at this time. Revelation 20:13-15 for those who choose to worship Satan: Decisions will have been made that lead to total destruction in the lake of fire. Revelation 21:27 for those who choose to worship the Father, God, through His son, Christ. The millennial age has ended and Revelation 21:1 speaks of a new meaning renewed, refurbished, in other words, a cleansed and holy heaven and earth. This is the eternal Kingdom.
Now, much shall happen in the last days of this age, as we approach the millennium, and these things are of supreme important to the very elect. If you would like to read more on the signs of the in end. Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, will bring us to the Lord day which is the millennium.

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